2005_05_britconblast.jpgLast week's bombing outside the British Consulate in Midtown East still has police puzzled, but the NY Post reports that a biker seen on a surveillance tape is now a suspect. The bike rider, seen around 3AM, was found on tapes from "from Sixth Avenue and 48th Street to 845 Third Ave., the site of the bombing, and on to East 53rd Street between Park and Lexington avenues," as the NYPD expanded the area of the investigation and are considering the possibility the biker threw the grenade while riding. Gothamist, like many others, is actually more curious about the female jogger from 3-3:30AM - what the hell was she doing out so late? The police are still unsuccessful in identifying the biker (will the push for bike license plates gain more momentum?), but are continuing to look at tapes.

Photograph of bombed concrete planter at 850 Third Avenue from Reuters