An NYPD lieutenant has been sued by three female officers for allegedly groping them, harassing them, and hanging brain around the office.

NYPD officers Maria Lampley, Claudia Melara and Dawn Sprague are suing Lt. Alexander Rojas, who works out of the 44th precinct in the Bronx, for the campaign of sexual harassment. "Many times, plaintiffs have screamed at Rojas to stop, particularly when he touched them in the most intimate areas of their bodies. However...Rojas has refused to stop his unrelenting harassment," court documents state.

Among the many instances of harassment: Rojas allegedly brushed himself against Sprague, 43, while using a copy machine in a narrow hallway, and allegedly exposed himself to her while she was working overtime. He also allegedly punched her in the chest another time.

Melara, 35, claims Rojas would give her unwanted back rubs, try to kiss her, groped her, and showed her "videos of him engaged in masturbation and other sexual acts." Rojas also allegedly grabbed one of the women's breasts at work in front of her two-year-old son, and routinely exposed his penis and asked the women to "touch it."

"Unfortunately what happened here is reflective of a culture that tolerates [sexual harassment] - and the police department needs to fix it," the cops’ lawyer Kevin Mintzer told the Post. The officers are seeking an unspecified amount of monetary damages.