A Brooklyn police lieutenant has been stripped of his gun and badge for being cozy with the man accused of bribing cops for gun permits, according to the New York Post. Lt. Michael Andreano of Borough Park's 66th Precinct seems to be caught up in the ongoing NYPD and federal investigations that have already led to the demotion or firing of 12 other officers, mostly high-ranking, the arrests of three, and possibly the suicide of one and the nonfatal self-inflicted shooting of another.

The NYPD would confirm only that Andreano has been placed on modified assignment.

The investigation is focused on high-ranking officers' cozy relationship with prominent businessmen and donors to Mayor de Blasio, as well as an alleged bribes-for-permits arrangement with a former leader of the Borough Park Shomrim, an Orthodox Jewish volunteer neighborhood patrol. The Post reports that Andreano is believed to have had dealings with the onetime Shomrim treasurer Alex "Shaya" Lichtenstein, arrested in April for allegedly buying gun licenses for clients outside of the normal system of police checks for $6,000 apiece.

Lichtenstein's case is ongoing.

Andreano worked in Borough Park's 66th Precinct, known among cops as Fort Surrender for its capitulation to neighborhood rioters, for seven years. He was a Community Affairs sergeant before being promoted to lieutenant and transferred to Coney Island's 60th Precinct in 2015. He was transferred back after three months, according to the 66th Precinct's commanding office, Capt. Kenneth Quick, and placed in charge of Special Operations.