An NYPD Lieutenant and his subordinates in the Brooklyn North Narcotics squad have cost New York City taxpayers more than $1.5 million in settled lawsuits. According to a lengthy Daily News investigation, 37-year-old Lt. Daniel Sbarra was promoted and given a pay raise in 2011 despite a litany of complaints leveled against him alleging that he and his officers used excessive force, racial slurs, and illegal searches. Sbarra, who is apparently a Pearl Jam fan, has had 30 CCRB complaints filed against him—91% of the NYPD's 35,000 uniformed officers have fewer than five, only 54 have more than 21.

Some lowlights from the report:

He and a second cop, with black tape over their badge numbers, called a young Brooklyn barbershop owner a “n-----” during a traffic stop in Bushwick. Settlement: $19,500, including $1,000 Sbarra had to pay out of his own pocket after the city, in a rare move, refused to represent him. Sbarra was found guilty of departmental charges related to the incident, but “Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly dismissed all charges,” Sbarra said in a 2012 deposition.

[Sbarra] strip-searched a black city paralegal, pulling the man’s underwear down with his boot, at Bedford-Stuyvesant’s 81st Precinct stationhouse. The suspect was charged with marijuana possession; his lawyer later suggested the drugs were planted. Settlement: $30,000.

His officers brutally beat a Brooklyn man, yanking out a handful of dreadlocks and bashing his head into a window at the 81st Precinct stationhouse, as the man’s 11-year-old son watched in horror. The little boy was recovering from leukemia. Settlement: $50,000.

Lou Turco, the head of the Lieutenant's Benevolent Association, told the News that Sbarra is “a very proactive police officer. The reason crime is down in this city is because of guys like this.”

Sixty cases involving Sbarra and his men are still pending, leaving plenty of time for the department to again shatter the record for the amount of money the NYPD costs us in legal settlements. Former Detective Louis Scarcella must be proud.