Police fatally shot a man in the Bronx after he allegedly chased a woman down with a large butcher knife.

The incident happened Thursday in the Wakefield section of the borough at around 6:15 p.m., according to police. At a news briefing, NYPD Chief Terence Monahan said an argument had broken out between the victim and suspect on Barnes Avenue in front of witnesses who sought help. The two apparently knew each other, according to Monahan, and had argued the day before the incident.

“They know each other from the street. From what we talked to her today, she said they had a dispute yesterday. He came up to her, threatened her, said he was going to kill her for not calling him,” Monahan said.

The owner of the nearby Essa Deli Grocery told the Daily News that he heard shots outside, and another person "came inside and told me and everyone to stay inside, not go outside, she said there was trouble outside.”

As the argument ensued, a witness stopped two plainclothes officers with the Bronx Narcotics Division who happened to be inside a vehicle waiting for a traffic light to change at the corner of East 233rd Street and Barnes Avenue. After the witness explained the incident, the officers—a detective and sergeant—exited their car to determine what happened, Monahan said.

"They then observed a woman going east on East 233rd Street with a man going after her in the middle of the street armed with a large knife," Monahan said.

With their police shields wrapped around them, the two officers confronted the suspect with guns drawn, and repeatedly identified themselves as officers while ordering him to drop the knife, according to the NYPD. The suspect immediately ran after the two officers, Monahan said, leading officers to fire "five to six rounds" onto the suspect, striking him.

Police recovered a butcher knife at the scene. The victim was left unharmed.

He was rushed to Montefiore Medical Center's Wakefield Campus and was pronounced dead. While at the hospital, police discovered the suspect had a cache of weapons on him, according to Monahan.