As part of the ongoing response to help prevent a friendly fire shooting like the one that killed Omar Edwards last week, yesterday the NYPD announced that they were in the early stages of developing a "smart gun," one that would include radio transmitters to alert cops of nearby weapons on other officers. The announcement came a week before the department was meeting with the lab working to develop the weapon. Only there was one problem—scientists attending next week's meeting were about to tell the NYPD that the gun is off the table. A lab spokesman told the Post, "Even if we had the funding to try to develop this, we wouldn't. There are so many limitations, it's not a good use of technology dollars." Still NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said that the technology is something the department would like to work towards, telling the paper, "It's something that doesn't exist today. It's something that is not developed but we are talking to people to see if there is a possibility of this in the future." The Post says that the department had already sent outlines of the smart gun plans to politicians before learning the idea was dead.