Police busted up a party of dozens of people at a Canarsie barbershop Saturday night, issuing numerous summonses and arresting two on gun possession charges. Police issued the summonses at Envee Barbershop on Avenue L near 87th Street after finding out about the "illegal social gathering" on Saturday, according to NYPD spokesperson Denise Moroney.

One alleged partygoer told the New York Post, "We're pioneering the anti-lockdown."

Officers arrested Jamel Dorsett, 30, and Kayla Phillips, 28, for various charges, including possession of illegal guns, according to Moroney. A total of 60 summonses were issued as well.

De Blasio reminded New Yorkers during a press briefing Sunday morning that fines up to $1,000 could be issued for social distancing violations, like holding large gatherings or not maintaining the recommended six feet of distance between others.

"When you're partying in the middle of a pandemic, you're risking your life and the life of everyone around you," de Blasio said. "And I understand young people, I understand teenagers, I understand everything that they feel and maybe they don't hear information the same way adults do, but you know what, this is different than anything we've lived through in our entire lives. The message has been given over and over again about how dangerous this situation is."

The mayor encouraged people to report violations to 311, sending in a photo and location.

"The police are absolutely doing the right thing to break it up," he added. "I particularly commend them for getting those two guns off the street."

Between Friday and Saturday morning during the NYPD's social distancing patrol, officers arrested two people in the Bronx's 47th Precinct. According to the precinct, at least one person was arrested for having a gun at an "illegal social club," which was also shut down.

In the 107th Precinct in Queens—which covers Fresh Meadows, Cunningham Heights and Hilltop Village—10 summonses were issued. The NYPD press office did not say how much the summonses were for.

During the patrol between Saturday and Sunday morning, officers observed 5,413 bars and restaurants were closed out of 6,746. About 781 of 1,244 public spaces were closed, and all but one 2,954 personal care facilities were closed.

The NYPD did not respond to additional questions about the enforcement actions in the 47th or 107th precincts.

Criminal justice advocates have raised concerns about how such police involvement could exacerbate the public health emergency, like through "street sweeps" of those who are homeless or arrests for not maintaining social distancing, particularly as the number of coronavirus cases continues to rise on Rikers Island, with two deaths of those who were in custody and a third person who died shortly after being released.

The New York Civil Liberties Union has said, "We cannot arrest our way out of this crisis... In fact, the virus spreads through exactly the kind of close person-to-person contact that arrests require, so committing a minor offense could actually cost people their lives."

New York City Public Advocate Jumaane Williams said Sunday his office would begin requesting the demographic data among those issued summonses and arrested for social distancing violations.

On Friday night, a new state rule requiring face coverings or a mask went into effect for when New Yorkers across the state are unable to stay six feet away from people outside. Governor Andrew Cuomo said no fines are in place under the executive order, though he is considering them.

The NYPD did not answer questions about how many of such social distancing fines have been issued or how much the party-goers' fines were from Saturday night. According to a report in the Post earlier this month, the NYPD issued 21 tickets at $500 and made three arrests, between March 28th and April 5th, although there were 4,270 complaints into 311 about crowds during that time period.

This article has been updated with information from the Public Advocate.