The NYPD is opening up an internal investigation after a Brooklyn mother was killed by a hit-and-run (stolen) van driver—who was being chased by the police. Newsday reports that police officers realized a van was taken in a carjacking; Police Commissioner Ray Kelly called it a "terrible tragedy," and said, "The unmarked car pursued in an unobtrusive manner the stolen vehicle." After those cops called for assistance, "Marked radio cars then started to pursue the van. Another vehicle...started to move the stolen car over toward a lane of parked cars." Stacey Blount, 45, was struck after wishing employees at her regular hair salon happy New Year. The Daily News reports that surveillance video suggests the cops weren't speeding, but State Senator Eric Adams said, "This is a textbook case why you do not speed through the streets of Brooklyn to apprehend a fleeing felon. Our city streets are not Hollywood." The driver is still being sought, and there is an $8,000 reward from the NYPD and community groups.