Sigh: The NYPD Hate Crimes Unit is investigating a "partially burnt Koran" that was sent to a Bronx mosque. This comes days after those opposed to building a new mosque and Islamic community center a few blocks from the World Trade Center convened for another protest.

According to WABC 7, the burnt Koran was "delivered in an envelope to" the Masjid-Hefaz on East 198th Street on September 10. The imam opened the envelope, which was "covered with cartoon like drawing depicting hatred towards Muslims" and contained a white powder. The powder turned out to be ashes from the burnt Koran.

The imam suspects the sender is someone who doesn't understand Islam and have a lacking of understanding of the religion. At the September 11 protest, one anti-mosqueteer told us, "The Muslims rape little girls, we have to make it safe for the kids."