Although many Gothamist commenters don't see any harm in the "daggering" cops' conduct at the West Indian-American Day Carnival, it seems the NYPD thinks otherwise. Yesterday morning, before we first published this video, we contacted the NYPD's DCPI office (DCPI stands for Deputy Commissioner, Public Information). We asked if the officers' behavior violated any departmental guidelines, and got no response.

Today the tabloids, playing catch-up, worked their NYPD sources. "A police spokesman confirmed that the officers’ graphic dance moves are being investigated," the Post reports, while the Daily News' source says, "It's not corruption. But it looks bad. It's young cops doing something stupid." And it looks exceptionally bad considering the cops were dirty dancing as nine people were shot at or near the parade route that day. But let's not rush to judgment; DCPI hasn't even confirmed these are actual NYPD officers, so for all we know these guys are Hot Cops.