2006_10_NYPDblue.jpgTalk about Internal Affairs! The Post reports that a police commander in the Bronx was suspended after a secret recording revealed he was trying to set up a rendez-vous with a female officer. The officer, described as a 42 year old single mom, complained to Internal Affairs that Captain Michael DeBellis "wanted to turn their friendship into a romance," and said that he had "'made inappropriate comments' involving seeing her alone for sex." So Internal Affairs asked the officer to record DeBellis's interest. DeBellis approached the officer again on Tuesday and was promptly suspended.

Internal Affairs is investigating the matter. What's interesting, though, is that it's unclear what Bellis's and the officer's relationship really was - other officers apparently noticed that they were getting "chummier." Another source said the complaining officer had called DeBellis was a "good package," and DeBellis's supporters think their chatter was "of mutual consent." Still, flirting is one thing, but then to be approached for sex by a boss-figure is another.