The NYPD Internal Affairs and the Queens District Attorney's office are investigating the alleged police beating of Anna Stanczyk, a 49-year-old Polish immigrant who's lived in Rockaway Beach for almost two decades. Stanczyk was walking her beloved terrier Psotka outside her apartment on the Friday after Thanksgiving when two cops with the 100th precinct told her to clean up dog poop that she says wasn't Psotka's. When she argued with them (while also scooping up the frozen excrement), the situation escalated.

Here's her interview with Eyewitness News:

Stancyzk says when the heated argument resulted in her arrest, she panicked because her dog got loose in the process. "I started to scream for help. Help, help... my dog is going to be killed by a car," she tells CBS2. "The moment I scream I feel the punch in my face. They punch back of head, my breast." She admits that when she was loaded into the back of the squad car, she resisted by kicking the door. That's when one officer allegedly leaned in and, according to Stancyzk's friend, punched her "one, two three, four, five, six, in her head and her chest."

After taking her to the station house, police brought Stancyzk to the hospital for the heavy bruising around her eye, cheek, breast and back. She was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, and her lawyer says the charges will likely be dropped. Stancyzk has filed a complaint with the CCRB and also plans to file a lawsuit against the NYPD, which has not commented on Poopergate.