Did you know the NYPD has "Integrity Control Officers"? They're the ones who make sure the NYPD acts with complete integrity, monitoring problematic officers and making sure the police don't abuse overtime or sick time. And as the NYPD's conduct shows, the Integrity Officers are doing such a stellar job one hardly ever notices they're there—until one of them screws up like Sgt. Edward Taveras, who has besmirched the NYPD's sterling reputation by letting his mom use a copy of his parking placard.

The NYPD-issued parking placard was spotted on her car in Queens this month, and a source tells the Daily News that when she was questioned about it, she said she got it from her son, who is a 13-year NYPD veteran assigned to a Bronx narcotics unit. As punishment, Taveras was docked a month's pay, but the incident underscores the city's stubborn parking placard problem. Though the Bloomberg administration has made it a priority to cut back on the city's parking placard glut—slashing them from 144,000 in 2007 to about 63,000 in 2010—there are still plenty of them floating around out there.

Last month a state probe found "chronic and widespread" misuse and abuse of the placards, prompting the Cuomo administration to announce new limits on placards previously enjoyed by state workers. Unfortunately, the changes won't do a damn thing to stop heinous placard abuse by '90s sitcom stars.