You probably already know that it's a bad idea to slap an NYPD horse's ass (really, it's a bad idea to slap any horse on the butt), but you might want to reconsider even feeding an NYPD horse in the future: a Swedish woman is suing the NYPD after an equine member of the NYPD Mounted Unit bit off part of her fingertip last year.

According to the News, 28-year-old Pernilla Ekberg was out with friends at Max Fish in November 2014 when they saw an officer with the horse in question on Orchard Street. After Ekberg asked the officer permission to pet the horse, "it chomped down on her hand, bit off the tip and spit it out on the floor," her lawyer, Eliot Bickof, said.

"The police officer panicked and ran away. He just left. He didn't offer her any assistance," the lawyer added. "Her boyfriend put the tip on ice," but she ended up losing the entire fingernail area and suffering nerve damage in her right ring finger. Ekberg is a righty who works as an analyst of marketing campaigns, and her lawyer says she needs her full right hand to type, hold a pen, and interact with people.

On her personal blog, Ekberg previously wrote promisingly of NYC adventures past and future: "The summer of 2006, about a month after graduating High School, I packed most of my belongings and moved across the Atlantic from the far too small country of Sweden to the Big Apple. After a year of wild partying and hard work I entered Baruch College with a dream of a degree in International Marketing. Now, almost 4 years after I entered JFK airport with everything I owned in my hands, the dream of a success career in business is still growing strong!"

In the future, let's all leave the horse petting to the dogs. They seem to get along well.