Say "cheese," NYPD! The NY Post reports that the department is finally schooling officers on photography rights, releasing an order stating, in part, "Photography and the videotaping of public places, buildings and structures are common activities within New York City... and is rarely unlawful." It continues on to clarify that cops have no right to demand photos be destroyed or deleted, or request to view photos taken by an individual. Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne noted that they're attempting to balance their efforts to stop possible terrorist activity while keeping in mind the First Amendment—but will this reminder help people like Arun Wiita? His was just one of the many incidents where the long arm of the law attempted to stop an innocent photographer; most recently an MTA worker was given a summons for not having permits to photograph underground—something that you actually don't need a permit for! While it's a good sign the NYPD is getting a reminder, you still may want to carry around a copy of the photographer's bill of rights with you.