City Island residents have finally gotten rid of the NYPD firing range on nearby Rodman's Neck in the Bronx, which has been disturbing their peace since the Kennedy administration. Last week the City Council approved the site of a 40-acre Police Academy in College Point, Queens, where the NYPD will relocate training to an enclosed firing range. But some residents say their aural nightmare endures!

That's because the NYPD will still be doing sniper training at the Rodman's Neck site, because that has to be done outside. Oh, and then are all the bombs which the NYPD must continue detonating, just 3,000 feet from some residents' windows. The explosives are part of the NYPD's bomb disposal training, which has to be done somewhere.

Well, at least nobody's overreacting—Peter LaScala, former head of the local Chamber of Commerce, tells the Daily News, "You'd think you were in Beirut!... I say, put it in Central Park, and see what people think of it there."