A team of New York City police officers and firefighters saved two children who had been buried beneath the debris of a two-story building since a devastating earthquake struck Haiti last week. After being flagged down by passersby, members of the 76-person NYPD/FDNY Urban Search and Rescue Task Force pulled an 8-year-old boy and a 10-year-old girl — believed to be brother and sister — from the wreckage yesterday at around 9:15 pm, according to the Daily News. That account corresponds closely with the above picture, posted today on the NYPD's Twitter page. According to an NYPD spokesman, the children received treatment at an Israeli tent hospital and were reunited with their parents, who had escaped the building collapse. "They were extremely dehydrated," the spokesman noted.

After getting stranded upstate because of airport back-ups, the rescue team has been trying to extricate survivors since Saturday. Earlier, the group recovered the bodies of three children — believed to be siblings of the survivors — from the same collapsed building.