The police and the FBI are on the lookout for 54-year-old Sam Chatman, a man who is now connected with four bank robberies. Yesterday Chapman entered a Chase bank on Fifth Avenue a little before noon, brandished a gun and handed a note to the unlucky teller demanding cash and promising to "shoot anybody."

Then, about two hours later, Chapman robbed another Chase bank, this time a branch located on West 225th Street. Again Chapman showed his gun and handed a teller a note asking for money. Cops say that in one of these two locations, Chapman even left behind an additional note that was threatening to law enforcement.

The other two robberies — one on Broadway near West 90th Street, the other on Broadway near West 109th Street, and both Chase's — went down much the same way. The longer Chapman is free, the more worrisome it becomes to police. "He has a gun and his level of violence continues to increase and that is a cause for concern," an investigator told The Daily News. Supervisory Special Agent Barbara Daly of the FBI adds, "Chatman is known to carry several weapons and has no fear of using them."

For all you Chase bank customers, maybe wait until Monday to deposit those checks.