2007_01_interference.jpgFirst things first: According to WNBC, the NYPD says that NYC marketing firm Interference Inc. gave them a list of 41 locations where the Aqua Teen Hunger Force LED devices were hung (38 in Manhattan, including the Meatpacking District, Greenwich Village, LES, and 3 in Brooklyn). The NYPD only found two which were at 33rd Street and the West Side Highway, which can only mean that everyone who passed by these things and heard the news last night must have taken them! And does anyone know what the other locations were? Gothamist is curious to know where Interference thinks ATHF fans are. Let us know in the comments!

Also important to know: "Based on their conversations with Interference, police said it did not appear that the company targeted any landmarks such as the subway, Empire State Building or Brooklyn Bridge." Get that everyone - Ignignokt can co-exist with New Yorkers until outed. No one from Interference has commented, probably realizing that reporters and photographers are staking out its Broadway-just-north-of-Houston office. Chicago's police commissioner actually held a press conference, with the suspicious devices as a backdrop, so we're waiting for Commissioner Kelly to discuss the dangers of a procession of LED devices.

In Boston, Peter Berdovsky and Sean Stevens pleaded not guilty to placing hoax devices and disorderly conduct. They were released on $2,500 bond each after a court appearance at their supporters waited outside the court. Berdovsky and Stevens jumped down courthouse stairs and gave a memorable press conference about hairstyles.

Aside from the bizarre part, Berdovsky said, "We need some time to really sort things out and, you know, figure out our response to this situation in other ways than talking about hair. So if you could just give us some privacy for a little bit. ... I will be trying to make sense of all it real soon."


However, their friends tell ABC News that Interference told the Berdovsky to keep quiet. Toshi Hoo said, "Peter's a poor artist and he does jobs like this for money and Sean…is primarily an artist as well. This was considered an art project. Peter and Sean are both video artists and community-oriented artists at that."

Hmm. Let's go to the last line of The Anti-Advertising Agency's editorial: "Berdovsky is claiming it’s art. When someone from an advertising firm is paying you to do something that is their idea, it’s not art." The Graffiti Research Lab also says that this ploy is not their work: "It’s Just more mindless corporate vandalism from a guerilla marketer who got busted. Interference Inc, welcome to the world of being misunderstood, scapegoated, demonized and wanted by the law. Still wanna be a graffiti artist?"

Top and bottom photographs of supporters and Berdovsky and Stevens in Boston by Bizuayehu Tesfaye/AP; inset photograph of Interference's door by John Marhsall Matnel/AP