Yesterday, the NY Post reported that an online ISIS magazine recommended the 90th annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade as an "excellent target." One federal law enforcement source told the tabloid that he is not aware of any specific, credible threats against the parade, but the NYPD nevertheless held a press conference in the afternoon, with Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence and Counterterrorism John Miller reassuring the public: "Come to the Thanksgiving Day Parade, bring the family, have a good time. I always go and always bring mine."

The NYPD also reiterated that they are ready. "This is an element that we had factored into plans for the Thanksgiving Day parades in years past," Miller said. "As you may recall from last year, the route was lined with hundreds of blocker cars at intersections very much we do in a presidential route." Last year's Thanksgiving was a few weeks after the Paris terror attacks.

Miller also mentioned that after the Nice terror attack the department visited 135 locations that rent trucks under 26,000 pounds, "where you wouldn't require possession of a commercial driver's license," and officers told the rental companies about "suspicious behavior and characteristics" of potential renters.

A federal law enforcement source told the Post that the ISIS magazine's suggestion of a lone wolf targeting the parade was "nothing new — and if anything, show the group’s diminishing reach, given that it has to increasingly rely on one-man freelancers to spread the hate." The source added, "I definitely would have been notified [if such a threat existed]."