2006_05_djstar4.jpgNot only did the police arrest DJ Star and charge him with aggravated harrassment and endangering the welfare of a minor, they managed to get him to Police Headquarters by asking him to surrender his 9mm handgun. And when he arrived - he was taken to the First Precinct to be arrested. Wow - that's a switcheroo, though it seemed sort of pre-ordained, given how much attention has been put on the former Power 105FM DJ after he threatened to molest the 4 year old child of another rival DJ. DJ Star told reporters, "You're looking at the new Lenny Bruce." He was released on $2,000 bail, and his lawyer Ben Brafman continued to claim it was simply a matter of radio station rivalries gone amok.

And say what you will about First Amendment rights, even Floyd Abrams thinks he crossed the line. Abrams told the Daily News, However loud and sometimes off-the-wall deejays sometimes are on the radio, it's a very different situation when a deejay can be said to have threatened to harm a child and to have offered money for information about how to find the child."