111108cop.jpgAfter spending thousands of dollars in legal fees trying to stop the NYPD from videotaping political demonstrations, the NYCLU was surprised and angered to learn recently that the police department had already changed its videotaping practices back in April 2007 without telling them. The Times reports that had lawyers known this, they would have dropped the lawsuit, because the NYCLU is okay with the more restrictive rules, which allow videotaping only where there is illegal activity or for crowd control. Now they're demanding that the city reimburse them for legal fees, and also give them a heads up when they make policy changes. The NYPD insists that they notified both the court and the NYCLU, but one of the lawyers tells the Times, "It reminds me of that cartoon where somebody is running at a wall over and over, and suddenly the door opens, and you realize nobody told you there was a door there." Photo cred.