2006_05_djstar2.jpgThe NYPD doesn't like hate crimes either, as DJ Star has been arrested today for "suspicion of endangering the welfare of a minor" and started a hate crime investigation. Well, that's what you get for saying you'd ejaculate and pee on the 4 year old daughter of your rival, call her "half a lo mein eater," and call her mom a "slanty eye whore wife." This most likely pleases the target of some of the vitriol, Gia Casey, wife of DJ Star's rival DJ Envy; Casey held a press conference and spoke to NY1 saying that DJ Star needed to be behind bars: "He needs to be held 100 percent accountable."

For his part, DJ Star, or Troi Torain, has retained celebrity defense attorney Benjamin Brafman who says that while DJ Star's remarks were "unsuitable and inappropriate," the Caseys have nothing to fear - oh, and DJ Envy made threats against DJ Star. Well, if the stupid argument could have stayed between the two posturing DJs, that would be fine, but the problem is that a poor child was dragged into it. It should be interesting what'll happen after this - will shock jocks learn their lesson or will they just pipe down for a spell?