A longtime NYPD detective is under investigation for allegedly soliciting prostitutes while on duty over the last six years.

Detective Kenny Chin—a 17-year police veteran—was placed on desk duty earlier this month following a confidential complaint made against him, the Daily News reports. According to his accuser, Chin had patronized at least two prostitutes employed massage parlors in Chinatown, where he was assigned for the duration of his time on the job.

Chin allegedly met both women while investigating a case, and would see them from time to time for "one hour sessions," a source told the tabloid. He's also been accused of "cooping," which in cop slang apparently means "smoking and napping during work hours" but according to Urban Dictionary, means "masturbating into an inside-out sandwich bag." Visualize at will.

A spokesperson for the NYPD said that the matter is "under internal review."