A plainclothes detective from the Brooklyn North Narcotics team was shot in the shoulder by a fellow officer last night after approaching a pair of individuals who were allegedly in the middle of a drug deal. "The detective was hit in the shoulder, apparently by the shot that came from his colleague," First Deputy Commissioner Benjamin Tucker said last night.

The shooting took place at the corner of Wilson and Troutman Avenues in Bushwick around 6:15 p.m. According to the NYPD, the two individuals in a van were dealing heroin when the detective, identified as Jon Gladstone, and a sergeant approached. Tucker said that the suspects' "vehicle backed up, striking a police vehicle. The detective reached into the vehicle from the passenger side and attempted to make an arrest. With the detective partially inside the vehicle, the driver then accelerated forward. At this point the sergeant and the detective both fired."

The driver of the van, Oscar Vera, was struck in the leg and wrist but managed to drive away briefly before crashing into another car. Vera was taken to Bellevue in stable condition. The other passenger, Geraldo Rodriguez, 51, was taken into custody; a third suspect who was standing outside the van is still at large.

The Daily News reports, "A source described [the third suspect] as a 'steerer' who directs potential customers to the dealers. He may have carjacked a motorist about four blocks away to make his getaway, sources said."

No weapons were found at the scene, but the Times reports that $80 worth of heroin was recovered. The street for this brand of heroin: American Dream.

The early evening shooting rattled the neighborhood. An employee at the bar Miles, Bri Brown, told the NY Times that "she saw people sprinting down the block and poked her head outside. Halfway down the block, she said, she saw a middle-aged plainclothes officer in the street."

Brown says she saw the officer lying between two cars on his stomach, screaming, "I've been shot!" She ran back inside and called 911. Brown later added, "It’s still Bushwick; shootings happen sometimes still. But I would say it’s pretty rare, especially since it was an officer."

Gladstone is currently hospitalized in stable condition. Deputy Commissioner Tucker said, "I’m thankful that the detective is stable, awake, and alert, and, all things considered, in good spirits. Thank you to the hospital staff for their care tonight, particularly Doctor Raju and the trauma team here at Elmhurst Hospital."

Mayor Bill de Blasio said in a statement, "Tonight’s shooting is an important reminder of the critical and dangerous work our police department does each day. Today, a detective put his life on the line as he bravely performed his duty to protect our city and its residents from harm. The team of police officers involved in tonight’s incident represents the best of the NYPD, and I want to thank them on behalf of our city for their actions tonight. We’re grateful the detective is doing well, and we wish him a safe and swift recovery."

Gladstone has been named in multiple civil rights lawsuits against the NYPD; at least two lawsuits were settled out of court for undisclosed amounts.