It seems as though crooked cops keep thinking they can mimic The Shield and get away from it: a veteran NYPD detective was arrested yesterday and accused of perpetrating a series of robberies over the last year. Bronx Detective Kyron Collins, who works in the 52nd precinct, was charged along with two other defendants for robbing "individuals dealing in contraband cigarettes, and other commodities in interstate commerce, at various locations in Manhattan and the Bronx," since October 2010. Perhaps he was thinking of passing it along the chain?

Collins, along wit defendants Ammar Alkamel and Juan Carlos Arvelo, is alleged to have used a gun, a knife and even fake search warrants, along with his NYPD shield, to commit the robberies. During one robbery on July 26th, officials say Collins stole $7,000 from a victim's mattress while tearing the place apart with his knife. Collins, a 16-year-veteran of the NYPD, was captured on surveillance video during that incident, and has been charged with conspiracy and robbery.