The NYPD and MTA's attempts to cut down on subway gadget grabbing has gone further than we knew. As electronics are more attractive to crooks than cash, cops have been increasing their presence on the subway for awhile now, but mostly undercover. Not always though! It seems, late night in the Bronx and Queens the cops are making no attempt to be low-key.

The Daily News attended an MTA committee meeting today and reports that for the last few months the NYPD has been putting uniformed officers on every overnight train in the Bronx and on two lines in Queens. Further, conductors have been announcing to riders that these "underground marshals" are on board so as to better deter would-be-muggers. And, according to Transit Bureau Chief Joseph Fox "this strategy has proven to be effective and will continue."

Since the strategy has been in effect, there have been only six felonies on the 2, 4 and 6 trains - and none on the D or 5 lines - in the Bronx, Fox said. The No. 7 and A lines in Queens also have been crime-free during those weekend hours, he said.

Good to know, because there have been some nastysubway thefts that we'd really like to see never happen again. Especially since the thieves have figured out Find My iPhone and similar device-tracking services.