There's no blood on the hands of the NYPD, as usual. On Monday night the 94th Precinct held a community meeting that touched upon the fatal hit and run in Greenpoint on April 27th. Streetsblog reports that the officers denied that a high-speed chase led to the death of 38-year-old local mom Violetta Kryzak.

The site reports that on Monday "Deputy Inspector Dennis Fulton, the precinct’s commanding officer, told approximately 40 assembled neighbors, 'At this point it appears as though there was not a high-speed chase. To make sure, it’s being investigated by our Internal Affairs Bureau. But it does not appear that anyone was following [the perpetrator].” This comment was made despite numerous eyewitness accounts reporting an undercover cop car "in hot pursuit" of the stolen vehicle speeding down Manhattan Avenue in broad daylight.

Miss Heather was also at the meeting, and has it all on video. The officer addressing the topic, D.I. Fulton, expressed condolences to the victim's family, however says there was “no pursuit." Interesting since they also admit there was an erratically-driven, speeding, stolen vehicle that they were following. While awaiting more NYPD denials of the high-speed chase, we highly recommend watching all of the videos from the meeting, particularly the first one which includes a cameo from a local character who is simply fed up with those honking school buses—though oddly enough, there was no talk of the insanity-inducing ice cream truck jingles.