As you've probably noticed from all the stories this year, there has been a serious rise in subway crime this year. Specifically the theft of high-end electronics like iPhones. But a new report out of the NYPD shows that it isn't just underground where thieves are targeting pricey gadgets, it is everywhere. Half of the nearly 16,000 robberies in the city between January and October involved electronics, mostly cell phones. That "makes electronics the single most stolen property type, surpassing even hard currency" according to the report.

Of stolen cell phones on the MTA, an impressive 70 percent are iPhones (way more than their market share). As for other gadgets? Computers, tablets and MP3 players "account for nearly half the burglaries and 35% of all grand larcenies citywide," according to the police report. Also in there? The fact that, because of the way these thefts are reported, the numbers are probably much higher. "We cannot identify what devices are stolen where or at what times," the internal NYPD report—which the Department refused to let us see—reportedly says.

To try and fight the growing crime wave the NYPD plans to keep up its recent sting operations, push out a public awareness campaign including movie theater announcements and, possibly, push for legislation which would allow stolen phones to be "blacklisted" such that they would not be able to accept new SIM cards once reported stolen.

Want to do you part? Well, first up: don't go holding your phone out loosey-goosey for anybody to grab. Especially when near the subway or bus doors. Also? If you've got the option, do turn on Find My iPhone (it works with iPads too).