2011 may have seen some fudged crime stats, a serious jump in subway crime (damn you Apple!) and a record-breaking four million stop 'n' frisks (not to mention some charges of police brutality), but guess what? According to the latest NYPD crime statistics the Times got ahold of (versus the week older stats currently on the NYPD's website) crime was pretty much flat this year, rising just 0.2 percent through December 18 compared to 2010.

In specific, this year there have been 102,445 major crimes (that includes murder, rape, robbery, felony assault, burglary, grand larceny and auto theft) versus 102,269 in the same period last year. Murders declined from 519 to 490 while rapes, robberies and felony assaults are all slightly up and burglaries are slightly down. Meanwhile auto thefts are down an impressive 10 percent (to 9,006) and shootings are up 2.8 percent to 1,465.

As far as other crimes go, in the period up to December 11 sex crimes rose 3.5 percent (to 2,977 reported incidents) and petit larceny is down 1.1 percent to 76,673 incidents. For a little bit of perspective, at the end of Giuliani time back in 2001 there were a total of 162,064 major crimes reported and in 1990 there were 527,257 reported.