Ever seen a Vespa with a parking ticket on it? It seems most owners—and the NY Post is looking at you Matthew Broderick and Liev Schreiber—are going to great measures to avoid getting ticketed for illegally parking. But beware, Vespians, the paper reports that "Cops are cracking down on hipster Vespa owners who've taken to removing the vehicle-identification numbers from their rides."

Allegedly scooter owners have always taken to removing their license plates when parked on a sidewalk, but now some have gone too far by scraping off the VIN number, and that'll only land your precious Vespa in the pound. Plus, it's a felony, so owners could land themselves behind bars, doing community service, or paying a fine.

The Vespa crowd is "panicked" according to an expert at the McCarren Motor repair shop and Vespa SoHo dealership. The scooting set doesn't like to park between cars in fear their vehicle will be hit, and as such would like more dedicated scooter parking in the city, particularly in Manhattan. NYPD records show that 75% of the 10,619 summonses issued to motorcycles and scooters through October 20th were in that borough.