Apparently cops can't use Google when filling out reports about stolen items! Because a Bronx police officer is accused by the NYPD of arbitrarily assigning incorrect values to a stolen iPad, as well as other items, and the total was less than $1,000, making "what should have been a felony case into a misdemeanor," according to the Daily News.

Officer Damian McIntosh has a NYPD hearing today about the matter, and his lawyer says supervisors tell officers to just estimate. Eric Sanders said, "That’s an area of expertise. “That’s not something a police officer is trained to do, yet they want them to make those value estimates. So how can they charge him?" Even though the NYPD is following your Facebook and Twitter, it doesn't seem like they are going on the World Wide Web to see what an iPad costs.

The NYPD has been accused of underreporting crimeslike rape—to make their stats look good. The NY Post reports, "McIntosh is also accused of using a prisoner’s body to push open swinging double-doors in the 62nd Precinct in Bath Beach, Brooklyn, in a 2009 incident."