The funeral of a gang member has police on "high alert" today, according to Newsday. Melissa Williams, 28, was fatally shot last month in the Rockaways: "Williams was an associate of GIB, Get It In Bricks - a reference to bricks of cocaine - police sources said. The man charged in her shooting, Nigel Vasser, also 28, is a Bloods member with a sect known as HRG Blood, for Hood Related Gangster." The two gangs have been at fighting for a few years now and, based on "prisoner debriefings" and informants' news, the NYPD will have a number of units (including the Gang Division) present at the viewing at a Rockaways Church. Further, Newsday reports, "The NYPD is so worried it even notified New Jersey State Police because Williams will be buried in Morganville, N.J., at the Forest Green Park Cemetery, and it is not unusual for rival gangs to confront each other graveside."