NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton has spent a decent chunk of his tenure away from New York, spreading his wisdom in D.C., Florida, and Israel. But that's business. For leisure, it turns out that Bratton thinks like Bloomberg: he and his wife spend "almost every weekend year-round" in the Hamptons.

Dan Rattiner interviewed the Commissioner about his weekly escape for his eponymous newspaper. "I had no real concept of what the Hamptons was all about until I came out that weekend," Bratton said of his inaugural 1991 visit. "All the amenities here, it just bowled me over.”

Today, the Brattons are here almost every weekend year-round. But they are not stay-at-homes. They are out and about and they have a routine.

“We first know we have arrived in the Hamptons when we pick up a copy of your paper in Manorville at the Mobil gas station at Exit 70. The second marker is the giant sculpture, Stargazer, where Manorville Road meets the Sunrise. We are here!”

They leave the city early on Saturday and have breakfast at Estia’s in Sag Harbor. Sunday morning, breakfast is at the Hampton Maid in Hampton Bays. They enjoy Sip’n Soda and Silver’s for lunch in Southampton, and they often take treks out along the North Fork.

“A favorite of ours anytime is the Stone Creek Inn in East Quogue. We also enjoy the live theater performances at the Quogue Meeting House by the Hampton Theatre Company. We shop at the Quogue market, we work out at the sports club in Quogue and grab sandwiches at Sonny’s in East Quogue. These are some of the places that have become part of our routines.”

"Crunked" LIRR riders take heed.

In August of 1991, a subway conductor got drunk and crashed his train in Union Square, killing five people.

Where was New York Transit Authority Commissioner Bratton? The Hamptons.

[Thanks, David Goodman]