NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton issued a public apology today to the Uber driver who was recently berated by an NYPD Detective during a traffic stop. Video of the incident went viral yesterday after it was posted on Reddit, and now the Internal Affairs Bureau is conducting an investigation into the officer, who has been identified as one Patrick Cherry. "I want to extend an apology to the driver of that vehicle and the two passengers in that vehicle for the behavior of that officer," Bratton said at a press conference earlier today.

Detective Cherry was assigned to the Joint Terrorism Task Force, but Bratton announced today that he's been placed on modified duty and transferred out of the JTTF. The Post reports that Cherry has been required to turn over his badge and his gun. It's unclear what planet he is now working on.

"That officer's behavior reflected poorly on everyone who wears our uniform," Bratton said today. "In that kind of encounter, anger like that is unacceptable. In any kind of encounter, discourtesy like that and language like that is unacceptable. No good cop can watch that without a wince. All good cops know that the officer just made their jobs a little bit harder."

If for some reason you missed it, here's the video of Detective "Yelly" Cherry in action.