Yesterday, the NYPD held a gun buyback at three locations in the Bronx, offering $200 (for handguns) or $20 (for rifles and shotguns) bank cards in exchange for weapons, and collected hundreds of guns. Including an Uzi submachine gun.

The Post has a field day with that tidbit, with the headline, "Uzi does it at a Bx. gun buyback," and an article that begins, "A gun owner said goodbye to his little friend. An example of Tony Montana's weapon of choice was taken off the streets yesterday when the owner of an Uzi machine gun exchanged it for $200 at a Bronx gun buyback, a source said." Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. offered a positive quote, "Any day that you get an Uzi off the streets of The Bronx is a good day."

A retired MTA conductor who turned in a handgun explained to the Daily News he had it from when he took it from a gun-toting man on the subway 35 years ago and then put it in his closet, "God knows I don't need the money; I just need to get rid of the handgun...We're away from home a lot, and you never know if somebody is going to come and break into your house [and steal it]. I'm too old to deal with guns."