The NYPD announced that 164 guns were surrendered at yesterday's gun buy-back on Staten Island. The program, which was held by the Staten Island DA's Office and NYPD, offered $200 cash for each eligible handgun and $20 for each eligible rifle or shotgun—no questions asked. The NYPD adds that of the guns turned in yesterday, four were loaded.

According to the Staten Island Advance, "While 80 percent of weapons were handguns, other items received included a pen gun able to fire one single bullet; antique firearms; hunting rifles, automatic weapons, and a couple of sawed-off shotguns, one that had a piece of a charred rug melted against its barrel." Staten Island DA Daniel Donovan referred to the tragic shooting of Samyah Bailey, the toddler who lost an eye when being hit by a stray bullet, "I was so pleased that the community responded, particularly after the tragedy we witnessed on Wednesday with the young child being shot not too far from where we did the gun buy-back. We hope to do this again and get more guns off of our streets."