High Style for the Men and Women in Blue; Photo - New York TimesIn a lightweight story about the NYPD, the Post reports that a uniform trade organization says the NYPD has "superior uniform standards and programs," with clothing that is "highly functional, comfortable and manufactured to the highest standards." Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, who is a natty dresser himself, French cuffs and all, had his press department whip up a statement, saying, "From the earliest days of the New York City Police Department, the uniform has functioned as one of the most vital tools an officer possesses. As a symbol of law enforcement and a clear form of identification, the uniform is unambiguous and indisputable." The Post describes the NYPD's recent cargo pants as being "Rambo-esque" and "perfect for carrying diaries, latex frisking gloves, and other essentials — or just looking cool on the streets of Brooklyn." The NYPD lost the powder blue uniform in 1995, when Police Commissioner Bill Bratton thought they looked like janitors; now the police wearing navy blue uniforms made from DuPont Coomax fiber.

Some Critical Mass bike riders might see some of these police fashions up close and personal as the police say they will arrest riders who disobey traffic laws. Gothamist on the popularity of NYPD products.