That Jamaica Bay emergency landing a NYPD helicopter had to make yesterday? It turns out the helicopter was on "security patrol for President Obama's arrival at JFK" when it was trying to head back to NYPD Aviation headquarters at Floyd Bennett Field to refuel...but it ended up falling into the bay, just 30 yards from the helicopter pad. The NYPD believes it had a mechanical failure.

The landing caused one of the helicopter's rotors to snap and then the rotor "slammed into the helicopter’s windshield." The chopper's pontoon flotation devices were activated, which kept the aircraft above water. All six crew members were taken to Lutheran Hospital, but only one suffered minor injuries. The Post says that pilot Erin Nolan was warned that Air Force One turbulence might cause problems, but Police Commissioner Kelly said, " The pilot stated she heard a loud bang, and the helicopter descended rapidly... We were very lucky. It was a very hard landing and it could have been much worse than it was."