2007_06_truckterror.jpgTruck drivers entering New York will have to be patient: The NYPD is inspecting more of them for bomb materials as authorities step up counter-terrorism efforts, and two days ago, the NYPD ending up stopping 40 of 50 trucks that entered.

It's called "Operation Rolling Vigilance," and according to the Post, cops will use radiation detectors to scan trucks at rotating checkpoints and will also work with the state and federal authorities to stop trucks that are licensed to carry hazardous materials. Police Commissioner Kelly said, "We've always been concerned about the potential for trucks and other vehicles to be used to convey explosives or other weapons. We also want to screen against the possibility of sensitive cargoes being diverted for use in an attack."

Last week, the NYPD detected an above-average amount of radiation coming from a truck, but it turned out it was from an industrial vacuum that the truck was carrying (the soot had radioactive isotopes!). And an interesting fact: More cops, such as ones who work in the subway stations, are wearing smaller "pager-like" radiation detectors on their belts.

And truck-related: The story of the this truck through the Lincoln Tunnel, despite the fact that it was six inches too tall for the tunnel and in spite of various proclamations from authorities that he shouldn't enter, still boggles our mind.