If you see a NYPD cruiser speeding around (not during an Operation Hercules exercise that involves like 30-50 cruisers doing a ballet), it might just be the brand new 2006 Dodge Charger the police are testing out this summer. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly introduced the 15 new cars yesterday, explaining the NYPD wanted to diversify its fleet, as it's currently made up of only Chevy Impalas and Ford Crown Vics. Plus they wanted to "add muscle in the car department" - the Charger has Hemistry! Another interesting thing about the NYPD Charger: It has a "stealth mode" - amNew York says "the interior lights are dimmed to look like the car is turned off." Appropriate for neighborhood busts?

Triborough has a cool set of police car photographs on Flickr, including many older makes. Which brings us to a quote from the NYPD Fleet Services director, Leonard Lesko, who is retiring and said, "This is the last car I'm introducing to the NYPD. The first car I brought in was the 1972 black, green and white Plymouth Fury with no power steering or air conditioning. We've come a long way."

Photograph from Mary Altaffer/AP