Terror tips can count: The NYPD and FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force let London authorities know about Mohammed Sidique Khan, one of the men who bombed a London Underground station last summer, before the bombings. British authorities may have not kept on Khan's trail because he didn't seem to be part of a radical group, and Senator Charles Schumer is alikening this missed opportunity to our country ignoring that memo that said bin Laden wanted to attack us.

The New Yorker profiled Police Commissioner Ray Kelly last year; the article isn't online, but this Q&A with the article's writer, WIlliam Finnegan, is available. With respect to the London bombings and the NYPD, Finnegan says, "...the fact that the planning center of the London bomb plot seems to have been in Leeds, a few hours away from the city, has, I’m told, sharply reminded the N.Y.P.D.’s counterterror analysts of the importance of the department’s relationships with neighboring agencies—state and local police outside the five boroughs."

Photograph of one of the suspected London underground bombers