There must be a lot of pot farms sprinkled nearby New York! In the same month as police found a Staten Island grow house with 376 plants and a New Jersey man with 58 plants, the NYPD and the DEA have busted a pot farm spread in and around seven houses in Wurtsboro with roughly 8,000 marijuana plants. According to police, the crop is worth about $8 million on the street. Good thing we're the pot arrest capital of the world, eh?

The farm was discovered in Sullivan County after police pulled over a car earlier this month that reeked of dope. The discovery of bud in the vehicle led them to the houses filled with the sticky green stuff—product which was apparently being sold as far south as Philadelphia. Police say that farm was "the largest indoor marijuana growing operation in the New York-area."

Sixteen people have been arrested in relation to the farm and will be arraigned this afternoon.