This holiday season, are you dreading dealing with huge crowds and interminably long lines en route to purchasing those perfect gifts for your loved ones? Why not hire a personal shopper! You don't even need to meet in person: just send your order via text, and a certified member of the Bloods will service all your handgun needs!

Police arrested Bloods member Kyle Leonard, 25, for running such an operation for gang members looking to buy guns. The Brooklyn native would get his text message orders, then drive down to North Carolina to pick-up the weapons, and sell them out of the his trunk. Undercover NYPD were able to buy 22 weapons for more than $17,500 from him in a year. In one particularly big buy, undercover police paid Leonard $5,700 for two Berretta semi-automatic pistols, one Cal Taurus revolver, three more semi-automatic handguns and a Bushmaster AR15 assault rifle.

"This is somebody who contributed to the carnage on our streets...Something ought to be done to tighten up the way guns are sold, particularly in the South," said the DA Charles Hynes throwing down the gauntlet with North Carolina. Mayor Bloomberg has been a staunch anti-gun activist, but if guns are being smuggled into the state now because of the stricter gun laws, maybe it's about time we consider securing our borders? At least along that line, what's it called, Mason something?