There's a lot of things that stink in Hunts Point, but the NYPD has been making a concentrated effort over the last months to clean it up by bringing down one of the largest gangs in the area, the "Satan's Bloods." Over 32 members and associates of the drug syndicate were arrested in morning-raids yesterday, or already in custody. "This is in the top-10 bad places I've ever lived - and I've lived in some bad places. It's the slum of slums, but maybe they did some good out here today," resident Thomas Gibson told the News.

The members arrested ranged in age from 19 to 52 years old, with colorful street nicknames such as "Skinny," "Macho," "Biscuit," "Shorts" and "Hat Boy." The gang primarily dealt powder cocaine, crack and heroin "seven days a week, 24 hours a day," along Manida and Irving Sts., according to the federal charges. The investigation was five-months long, and included over 100 undercover street buys. Residents are relieved, at least for a day or two, but point to the never-ending cycle of the drug trade: "I'm happy. It'll be quiet around here for a few days. But they'll be back out here tomorrow. There's no end to it," said Tamicka Jones.

The Bloods have been getting hit hard this year: last week, a state grand jury indicted Michael Anderson, street name "Red Eyes," who allegedly led a statewide faction of the Bloods street gang from prison, directing drug sales, promoting and punishing subordinates. He was indicted along with 18 associates and members of the Nine Trey Headbustas gang on 42 counts in NJ. Over the summer, 38 members of the Bloods were indicted in the Bronx, and eight members and associates were arrested on sex trafficking charges in the spring.