Even the most elegant and discerning of car thieves cannot evade the long arm of the law for long, it seems. The NYPD announced this week that they arrested 16 people suspect of involvement in a multi-million dollar luxury car theft ring. The suspects were so deft at their alleged auto-swiping they never broke a window. If you're going to steal a Bentley, you might as well do it without having to replace the windshield.

The ring, which has been operating in New York City, New Jersey, Westchester and Long Island for the past three years, was allegedly responsible for about 311 car thefts, racking up an estimated $15.5 million in bounty. Cops say one of the suspects, Queens resident Albert Natanov, 29, was a major cocaine dealer as well.

The suspects allegedly focused on swanky high-end autos from the likes of Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Range Rover, Lexus and Audi; instead of breaking windows or smashing doors, though, authorities say the thieves liked to swipe keys from owners who left their parked cars running, valets and car dealerships, even going so far as to steal identical car keys from a rental company, placing a GPS in the matching car and tracking it down after it was rented. "The ring of thieves arrested in this case treated driveways, dealerships, parking lots and other locations like their personal showrooms,” Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said in a statement.

The NYPD suspects at least eighteen people were involved, and they've been investigating the ring since getting tipped off to fraudulent inspection records in 2012. 16 suspects were arrested in raids on Monday and Tuesday, though cops are still on the lookout for the last two.