The police say that a pair of plainclothes officers shot an armed suspect in Brooklyn—after he fired at them. The suspect, Shaquille Reid, 20, was shot in the right hand and taken to Brookdale Hospital.

The shooting took place in Brownsville. According to the NYPD, a detective and police officer with Brooklyn South Narcotics were in an unmarked police vehicle at Livonia Avenue and Grafton Street when they "observed a male produce a firearm as he pursued three other males. The officers exited their vehicle and as they began to approach the suspect, he fired his Colt 45 caliber semi-automatic handgun one time."

The police also say that witnesses heard the officers yell "stop," and "get down" to the suspect before they fired three times, hitting Reid in the hand (an earlier report incorrectly stated that they hit him in the left hand and buttocks). Investigators recovered the Colt 45 and the officers were treated for tinnitus.

Reid was charged with criminal possession of a weapon and menacing. According to the Daily News, the cops were trying to conduct a drug bust. The Post says that Reid is a "gangbanger" and suggests that Reid was actually engaged in a shootout with another person—and that Reid only pointed his gun at police while the other person fired at the cops.

A woman who overheard the shooting said to the NY Times, "I heard three gun shots and some people talking loud. I looked out the window and saw a kid laying — or somebody laying — in the sidewalk at the lip of the driveway." She added, "It’s a neighborhood of mostly older people and some grandkids. At first I didn’t know what it was. I thought it was firecrackers."