The NYPD's new second-in-command, Chief of Department Philip Banks III, has held the position for just over a month. We know that Banks, a 26-year veteran of the force, didn't enjoy being stopped and frisked back in the 1980s but believes the practice to be "effective." He also opposes the creation of an Inspector General to oversee the department (no surprise there). But now we also know that he despises a sloppy uniform: according to the Post's police sources, Banks recently held a meeting to discuss improving the appearance of the roughly 34,500 officers in uniform. “[Banks] wants to set a tone,” one source said. “Image is 90 percent of our job."

The source continued, “If you respond to a vehicle accident and you’re disheveled, that goes a long way to how people see your professionalism.” Indeed, proper attire might lead people to believe that the police are actually investigating the vehicle accident.

A document distributed at the meeting, held on April 16, stated that Banks' goal was to "improve overall uniform appearance without having to resort to discipline." Some ideas that were tossed around include a "marketing campaign," producing "a video that would show a good-looking uniform," and instructing officers to shop online instead of at uniform stores in parking-starved Lower Manhattan.

Or maybe just promote Detective Rick Lee to Assistant Chief of Sartorial Affairs?

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