NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly has sent a memo to 33 senior department officials laying out the line of succession should Kelly and Chief of Department Joseph Esposito die in some sort of terrorist attack or other catastrophe. The Post reports that Kelly (a civilian) would be replaced by NYPD First Deputy Police Commissioner Rafael Pineiro, the former NYPD Chief of Personnel, while Esposito, a four-star chief and the highest-ranking cop, would be succeeded by Charles Campisi, head of Internal Affairs. But the memo, titled "Catastrophic Incident Management Plan," doesn't say who would replace Pineiro if the bad guys take him out too.

When asked about who would be in charge in the event that Kelly and Pinerio both die, NYPD spokesman Paul Browne cryptically replied, "We all know what our roles would be in the event of a catastrophic emergency." For insight and analysis, we turn to the NYPD Rant message board, where one commenter observes, "So the plan is different from Kerik/Guiliani, which was and I quote, 'In case of emergency run really fast...'" Another speculates it may be time to stock up on canned goods for the bunker: "Basically, this means that they, the NYPD have intelligence that the sh$t is going to hit the fan sooner than you think?"