Though just 16 police officers were indicted in the ticket-fixing sting, the names of 160 NYPD officers were implicated, and some will be asked by the Bronx DA to testify against those who face charges. Given the climate outside the Bronx courthouse on Friday, it's understandable why many will be hesitant to do so. "You can forgive guys for going into the grand jury, because they were [caught on wiretaps]" one cop tells the Daily News. "But how can you help a DA who attacked your profession win these cases?"

One police officer, 62-year-old Robin McGee, allegedly attempted to kill himself last month over being called to testify in the case. "This will tear people apart," the News' source said. "They'll have to supoena and drag them down there."

The Bronx DA's office continues to stand alone in prosecuting police officers who doctored summonses for friends, family and promient New Yorkers. A source in Manhattan tells the Post that Bronx DA Robert Johnson hasn't referred any cases to to them. Staten Island's DA has no plans to prosecute ticket-fixing, and neither does Brooklyn or Queens.

"Lots of cops serve as key prosecution witnesses, so prosecutors don't want this probe to put all their criminal cases in jeopardy," a "Democratic insider" says. Another source suggested that "ticket-fixing goes to the highest ranks of the NYPD. Potential embarrassment stopped other DA's from doing this."

Over at a favorite NYPD internet hangout, Thee Rant, one commenter, responding to a Daily News piece on ticket-fixing, invokes the sentiment of "judge not lest ye be judged."

Doesn't the Bible have something to say about how those who are themselves guilty shouldn't really be throwing stones? Wouldn't this apply especially to those who have done or sought to have done for them exactly what they are prosecuting others for?

Yeah - I'm sure the top brass, IAB folks, DA's, ADA's, and assorted media are all as "shocked and outraged" about this so-called "fixing" thing as Cpt Renault was about the gambling going on in Rick's Place!